Family Photos

Your Family Photos Start with You

Family photos are like snapshots of happiness, freezing special times and the love within a family. They're lasting memories that show how you've all grown together, telling your unique story for years to come. With skillful family photography, you can celebrate important moments, strengthen your bonds, and create a visual tale of your family's journey.

Family Legacy Video

Along with your photos, a family legacy video is an ideal way to celebrate your family. Where pictures leave off, your family video catches everything in between. The silly eyes, fun smiles, and heartfelt moments - all of this shows through in a legacy video.

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Family Session Pricing


  • unique & quick

  • studio, park, or city
  • 20 minutes of photos
  • 1 outfit

  • sessions, locations & dates
    at photographer's discretion

  • Includes:

    in-person order session


  • family destination experience

  • domestic or international
  • variable time
  • professional video coverage
  • studio assists with styled looks

  • Recommended Add-on:
    professional photography
    makeup & hairstyling /
    men's grooming

  • Includes:

    in-person order session

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