Power Suits with a Twist

las vegas senior portrait photographer

A power suit is a particular suit style that strides the line of conventional boldness. Power suits exude poised confidence, dominate board rooms, and turn heads whenever worn. They come in many forms and are solidified by the patterns and colors that they are worn in – usually with distinct patterns and commanding hues. 

Often associated with power dressing, power suiting is often seen on the likes of wall street sharks or trial-of-the-century lawyers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them if you don’t fit those descriptions.

We chose to pair the female reps’ power suits with a corseted top, either worn under the suit jacket or over a button-down silk shirt. For the male reps’, the power suit took a twist with a bold graphic print t-shirt.

Power and confidence, with some fun flair.

InFrame: Amaya Williams • Maddy Pettigrew • Matthew Kaspar • Ariana Gaminara • Meah Voraphankit
HMUA: Jasmin Ochoa @soyella.co
Photographers: Jody Rael and Mindy Brunkhardt of Jody Rael Photography