5 Reasons Why Traveling for Your Senior Pictures is a Great Idea

There are multiple great reasons why traveling for your senior session makes for a great experience.

#1. Once-in-a-lifetime experience

Destination sessions are about the experience you have in another location while visiting different sites, touring, eating, and yes, taking pictures. It is something that you will remember the rest of your life.

A destination session is really about creating an experience and not just about the pictures. We create the pictures to represent the experience, but the trip is first and foremost about the experience that traveling provides. We want to create an experience you will remember forever!

Waco, Texas
Rhyolite Ghost Town, Nevada
Honolulu, Hawaii

#2. Amazing portraits!

And while we just said that a destination experience is about the travel, it does not mean the images we create are any less important! The portraits become what we use to portray that experience; to remind ourselves and tell others about our experiences.

Every time you see your portraits on the wall or in your album, you will instantly remember the experience.

The senior pictures give us a reason for the trip, the experience is the most important part, and the portraits are a way to remember that trip years down the road.

Vizcaya Gardens, Miami, Florida

#3. Spending time with friends and loved ones!

In a few short months, you will leave home – perhaps never to live with your family again. And while that may seem like an awesome thing right now (independence is pretty great), you may find that time with loved ones becomes more precious the less we have of it.

A destination session gives you the chance to travel one more time with your family, and gives you the opportunity to create memories you all will cherish years down the road.

And having a joint destination session with a couple friends is always a possibility too! You won’t be just leaving your family as you head out into the world once you graduate. Your friends may go in different directions from you, and sharing a senior destination experience with them will always create a bond unlike any other.

#4. An excuse to travel

Most people want to travel to see other parts of the world. And others may feel that traveling just to travel is not a good use of resources. A destination session gives us all a reason – or a purpose – to travel. There is now a reason to travel beyond just wanting to go.

And the best part about a destination with us is that we do all the planning for the day of the photo session. We can also help with choosing flights and a hotel, and we want to visit all the amazing places too, so you are welcome to experience them with us!

Group Destination – Miami, Florida
Glen Alpine Falls, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

#5. No school, no worries, no stress.

The summer before your senior year is the best time to plan a destination trip for your senior photos. You will remember and cherish the memories created from the experience every time you see your senior portraits on the wall or in your album.

Thrive Beach, South Padre Island, Texas
Coronado Island, San Diego, California
Miami Beach, Miami, Florida

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