6 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Early for Senior Pictures

The junior year downhill slide means coasting into senior year.

Make this the best time to start planning your epic and amazing senior photo experience.

Six reasons why taking senior pictures before starting senior year is a great idea!

#1. Travel to a Unique Destination

  • Once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • Amazing portraits to remember the trip
  • Spending time with family and friends! (Ever thought of doing senior photos with a friend?)
  • An excuse to travel (check off those bucket list items)
  • No school, no stress — no worries!

#2. Favorite Family Vacation Spots Make Great Memories

Whether visiting family or an often-visited location, taking senior pictures on a family vacation makes sense.

And that different, other-than-Vegas location makes for a great backdrop for senior photos.

#3. Avoid Vegas summer heat

Being outside in the Vegas valley in the summer is like standing under a blow dryer and a furnace vent beside a bonfire next to an open oven door.

So plan a senior session in the spring or on a trip to a cooler climate in the summer. This is the ideal way to avoid the summer heat in Vegas.

#4. Take advantage of spring flowers

Believe it or not, Vegas does have a springtime, resulting in some of the most beautiful weather, amazing sunsets, and new tree and flower buds and blooms!

If that sounds appealing, consider getting senior pictures at the end of junior year. Amazing foliage, extremely dramatic sunsets (due to the rainstorms), and a completely unique experience and images!

#5. Prime choice of dates

Waiting until October to book senior pictures means only a few times will be available before the school yearbook deadlines.

February, March, April, and May are great times to set a consultation and book a session for a late spring session or for a destination experience during spring break or the summer.

To get the best, most prime time for busy schedules, consider booking a senior session sooner rather than later.

6. Check off senior year stress

Along those same lines, senior year has a lot of decisions and can be full of stress preparing for the future.

Getting senior pictures done before senior year starts reduces stress the rest of the year.

That way, when senioritis hits the second day of senior year, you can embrace it as you like.

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