What are trending unique senior photo ideas?

The final year of high school is a special time in a senior’s life, and we had so much fun celebrating this milestone this year with our seniors.

By the end of our Senior 2023 Edition, we realized there were some trends that trailed through this cohort – and we wanted to share some of the most fun we had in creating these collaborative experiences.

Classic Studio

The overall goal of a classic studio portrait is to create a timeless, elegant image that captures the subject’s personality and conveys a sense of professionalism and sophistication.

Creative Collaboration

We often experiment in the classic studio session to explore some different collaborations. Either we go out & find a unique location, or incorporate props, experiment with some different movements, or even use “colored lights” to evoke the collaborative spirit and add some pizzazz to the photos.


Seniors often include their family in their senior pictures to commemorate this important milestone and capture memories with loved ones before embarking on the next chapter of their lives. Sometimes, the family they want to include is not able to be there, so they choose a location that is important to the family, wear a special article of clothing passed down from the loved one, or include another special memento.

Hobbies, Interests and Future Plans


While we typically photograph both male and female dancers for senior pictures, this year, Jarren was the only dancer who wanted to include his passion for dance in his senior photos, which is fitting since he plans to pursue dance in college.


We love including music and instruments in senior portraits can lead to fun and creative photoshoots, capturing the senior’s passion and personality through their love for music. Whether we are listening to music during a session & it causes the senior to break out in a little dance, or they want to include their favorite instrument, music speaks to the soul.

Sports and Cheer

Creative sports photos capture the athlete’s passion and dedication through movement. The best photos are when they do the things they do so well.

Theater and Drama

It is incredibly exciting when seniors bring their own dramatic and creative ideas into their senior pictures, resulting in unique and personalized portraits that truly reflect their individuality and personality.

Unique Interests

As a photographer, senior portraits become invigorating and creative by including unique interests and passions such as fashion, STEM, pool, photography, or the macabre, reflecting the senior’s individuality, and creating lasting memories.

Future Plans

Future plans can be incorporated into senior photoshoots to capture the senior’s aspirations and goals for the future. All of these young men, Ace, Kenneth, Jack, and Ewen, have earned their pilot license while in high school, and all have plans to include that profession in their life.

Finding the Right Location

Travel to Far Lands

A destination senior session involves traveling to a unique or meaningful location outside of the Vegas area for a truly unique experience. This year we went to Lake Tahoe for Natalia’s portraits and Rhyolite Ghost Town for Jarren.

Hittin’ the City Streets

Las Vegas offers a wide range of unique and varied locations for senior photoshoots, from the famous Strip to the more artistic Life is Beautiful murals.

Hidden Gems of Vegas

There are so many quiet and calm hidden gems in and around Vegas if the frenetic energy of the Strip is of less interest.

Natural Beauty in the Nevada Desert

Senior photos taken in the desert surrounding Las Vegas can showcase the natural beauty of the area and create a unique and memorable backdrop.

Grass, Trees, and Wildflowers

Yes, there are green spaces in and around Vegas. And we can take senior pictures in the middle of the summer without dying of the heat. That’s the benefit of being a local. lol.

Water in the Desert

Senior photos with the element of water – whether a creek, lake or pool, in can make them more fun and playful.

Pets and Animals

Our pets are important to us. Including them in senior photos is fun and keeps each photo different. And sometimes, we get lucky enough to have some wild mustangs join our photoshoot.

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Including cars and planes in senior photos is awesome! It’s a chance to show off your ride or your love for aviation, and make your senior photos unique and fun. Plus, it’s a great way to capture your personality and style in a way that’s totally you. So if you’re into cars or planes, why not include them in your senior photos and make them even more epic?!

Senior photos are like a visual autobiography, showcasing your unique style, interests, and personality while telling the story of your high school years and all the exciting things to come!

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